Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

SOLEVOO extra virgin olive oil is a ray of Sicilian sun in every dish. It is made from the finest olives, harvested at the perfect time to ensure maximum flavor and quality. Its rich, golden color and smooth, velvety texture make it the perfect addition to any dish. Whether you're using it to dress a salad, flavor a marinade, or drizzle over pasta, this authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil is sure to impress. Its robust, fruity flavor is sure to transport you straight to the heart of Italy with every bite.

100% Sicilian Olives

Only the finest Sicilian olives become SOLEVOO

Perfect for Dipping

Drizzle SOLEVOO on a crusty bread

Ideal on salads

Elevate your salads with SOLEVOO

Unlock the Flavors of Grilling with SOLEVOO


  • Amazing Sicilian EVOO!

    “Love this oil on everything! Great strong flavor is superb with fish, chicken and pasta! Have tried lots of oils from everywhere and this one is one of our faves!” – Laurie T.

  • Best olive oil ever!

    "This is amazing olive oil! Such a rich and fresh flavor! Absolutely love it... great for dipping bread, and for salad dressing! After trying this, all the other olive oils have been missing something.” – Jane K.

  • Everything olive oil should be!

    “An excellently smooth mouth feel, slightly fruity, a touch of bitter followed by peppery bite which lingers for just a moment. Simply a perfect balance of everything that makes a great olive oil. A superior product made with great skill which shows in every drop.” – Anne L.

Available also in bulk, private label and wholesale